What’s In a Name?

We’re often asked why we chose the name “TIQI” to represent our company.

Well, it’s a simple answer, really.

Our founder, Steve Harvey first began selling items at flea markets and antique fairs. As customers looked around his stall; one phrase that was repeated time and time again was, “This is quite interesting, what do you think?”.

As time went by, Steve’s stalls got more popular and sales were steadily increasing, so in the summer of 1999 he decided it was time to set up a more permanent stall, and opened a boutique-style shop on a corner in a small seaside town. When it came to putting a sign above the door, he recalled what customers used to say and decided that “This Is Quite Interesting” would make a great name for a store which was selling a myriad of wonderful items.

Nearly 20 years on and we have survived the global economic slowdown and progressed from that little corner store to an online global superstore offering “Quite Interesting” items as well as “common, everyday” things we all need.

Steve is still involved in the day-to-day running of what is now an online-only store, sourcing quality products to offer our customers, having a hands-on approach dealing with customer correspondence and even helping out with the design of the website as well as writing a few blog posts.

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